Clear Straight reusable Ice Tea or Beverage Glass Straw with Amber wrap around Deco's 9.5mm x 9"

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This straw really catches the light. The flattened amber dots are made from Glass alchemy #34 color, these have all the great attributes of our other fine straws.  This is a one off design to help us keep it as fresh as possible here.  Creativity will be key to solving our plastic pollution problems.  So we don't just stick to the basics in our designs.  This is a design that could be recreated and sold as a set of 4 or 8 that you can use at a special gathering with family and friends.

This Borosilicate Glass Straw is 9" long and has a 9.5 mm Diameter.  Perfect for Ice Tea or any other thin liquid Beverages.  

Glass Straws are always annealed for strength!

100% Guaranteed