Stainless Steel and PBA Free! Straw Cleaning Brushes

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  These not perfect for the environment but the best we can find so far.  We have seen coco fiber brushes but have not found the source.  If anyone knows of a better alternative just let us know.  They are reusable, so take good care of them so they last as long as possible. We want to be as green as possible in this business and are striving for zero waste. 
  • Food grade 18-10 stainless steel, durable and soft  PBA free nylon bristles. Reusable and flexible cleaning brush tools. 
  • The length and diameter of our drinking straw brushes are:  12" x 12mm, 10'' x 9mm, 8''x 6mm. These straw cleaners are perfect to clean all sizes of straws  in your collection. 
  • 12" Extra Long and 12 mm Extra Wide to clean the Smoothie and Boba Tea straws straws.
  • Our bendable straw cleaning brush kit not only for cleaning straws, but also convenient for cleaning funnel necks, teapot necks, tube or cylinder and other hard to access corners. 
  • These cleaning brushes are DISHWASHER SAFE and BPA FREE.